Meet Xochi

Crafting Culinary Experiences

At Xochi Sayulita, our mission is to whisk our guests away to a world of enchantment, where whimsical decor, exceptional cuisine, and heartfelt hospitality intertwine seamlessly. Named in homage to Xochi, the goddess of flowers and creative arts, our restaurant stands as a testament to the profound beauty found in both nature and art.



Chef Carlos Lanten, holds a deep passion for capturing the authentic flavors from every corner of Mexico. He infuses each dish with the essence of the Pacific region’s chilies, spices, and locally sourced produce. With a deft hand, he crafts plates that not only showcase the rich tapestry of Mexican culinary heritage but also push the boundaries of taste.



For Chef Lanten, each dish is a canvas, a masterpiece that harmonizes the vibrant flavors of Mexico into a symphony for the senses. He believes that every diner should have the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of flavors that the picturesque surroundings of Sayulita have to offer.



From the fiery kick of chilies to the earthy richness of spices and the crisp freshness of local vegetables, every ingredient is carefully selected to evoke a sense of place and time. At Xochi Sayulita, we invite you to embark on a culinary journey where each bite tells a story, and every meal becomes a cherished memory.

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